About Jim...       Jim is an accomplished musician with a big list of skills.

Anything having to do with making the recorded sound of your Music or Audio better,
including professional Tracking, Editing, Mixing and Mastering, in a beautiful Vintage -
and Modern recording studio, built in the 1972 by Don Enns, and under Jims care since

Jim is an accomplished Guitarist, with many recording and Live credits. Gifted with
an amazing ear, and an extraordinary sense of pitch and pitch memory, Jim can
fix the music-arrangement quick, so ask him first. Jim can score the arrangement,
play all the instruments, sing all the back-up vocals (or... NOT), and make yours
sound like a Pro.

     Making a Music CD? Need a custom Soundtrack for your Movie? Wanna improve your
     Guitar skills? Need a great Guitar-Solo for your Hit-Song? Need it Mixed?   -Jim-